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Swagat Desert Camp in Jaisalmer it is the luxurious Jaisalmer Desert Camp in Jaisalmerit has nostalgia of a bygone age of the Maharaja’s Safari and Shikar camps, combined with innovative design demonstrating many of the skills and crafts of Marwar, it is the luxurious jaisalmer camps,Jaisalmer.The camp consists of tents, each with verandah, bedroom and bathroom. There is a large dining tent serving the best of Rajasthani Cuisine and a large open reception tent seating areas. The campfire is the focal point for the evening entertainment programme with drinks and rhytms of the Thar – music, dancing, magicians, puppet shows, jugglers, flaming torches and camel parades. It isjaisalmer desert Camps/Tents.In Jaisalmer Desert Camp, camping makes life fun and create futureistics environments all around in the Desert Camp Jaisalmer. The Camel Safari in jaisamer offers an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy the life in Jaisalmer Desert Safari in the shimmering glory of the desert sand its allows the tourists to explore the life and majesty of Rajasthan and enthrall the desert scape in the Royal Luxury Desert Camp.

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We are just giving the Ethnic Rajasthani Feel to all our guests with our traditional performances, camel safari, traditional welcome, Folk music and dance, camp fire, dinner and breakfast so that the guest can remember their experience with us.


Jaisalmer Desert Camp

Swagat Desert Camp has 10 deluxe swiss cottage tents with comfortable beds, either one king size or two twin size beds.  All premium white bed linens and towels are included, as well as premium ayurvedic toiletries. Each tent has an attached modern bathroom with shower, western flush toilet, hot and cold running water. Each tent has a fan, and heater. Swagat Desert Camp is located approximately 45kms outside of Jaisalmer on the way to the Sam sand dunes. Situated like a golden mirage in the charming romance of the Thar Desert, the camp combines comfort, conveniences and modern facilities with the warmth and personal attention of traditional Indian hospitality.

Plan your trip to Jaisalmer with Swagat Desert Camp is Luxury Desert Camp In Jaisalmer and get the best desert camping and sam sand dunes packages at affordable price range. Rajasthan Royal Desert Camp offers a variety of desert safari, jeep safari and camel safari packages for every age group, tailor-made to their requirements. Whether you want to cover Jaisalmer in one day or in one week, we are there to accommodate your entire needs. Best Desert Camp In Jaisalmer. Simply share your requirements and get the Best Family Packages.

If you want to make your Jaislmer Trip most adventitious and fascinating, spend a night at The Rajasthan Royal Desert Camp and offer us an opportunity to show our administrations.

Consummate escape from the Jaisalmer warm, every room comprises , and if that doesn't chill you sufficiently off, you can likewise take a plunge in the pleasant. Jaisalmer Desert Camp You can get everything near to your area and helps our visitors in organizing safari visits and provides the high-quality customer service.


The desert night sky is remarkably free of light and other pollution giving you an amazing opportunity to view the stunning constellations and incredible pathway of the Milky Way as it stretches across the sky. Stay out long enough and you are sure to see many shooting stars.


At the end of the day – whether it has exhausted you, refreshed you, or has just been all-around mind-blowing – take a walk to the nearby dunes and watch the golden sun settle gently beyond the horizon. Meanwhile your camp crew will light a roaring fire, prepare you chai, snacks, and a traditional Rajasthani dinner, and entertain you with traditional music and dancing.  And if you still have not had enough of the day – we encourage you to take time to wonder at the magical desert night sky unhindered by pollution or other lights, before you go to sleep.



We offer a unique opportunity for the traveller to experience the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. In the evening, sit around our huge camp fire under the countless stars above. You will dine on delicious, freshly prepared Rajasthani food and be entertained by local musicians.


Let our endeavour be your pleasure of lifeIn Jaisalmer tents we organize specializing exclusive deluxe camel safaris and camping anywhere in the desert of Rajasthan. The base camp is located 1 km before sam sand dunes it is the royal camp in Jaisalmerwhere you can enjoy our special desert dream package, it is the best camp in Jaisalmer Package includes night stay, camel safari, traditional welcome, refreshment, Folk music and dance, camp fire, dinner and breakfast.


Jaisalmer luxury camp in Sam Sand Dunes is an unquestionable requirement visit in the province of Rajasthan in the environs of the city of Jaisalmer. It is likely that you are going for a Desert Safari when wanting to visit Thar Desert Camp or the consequences will be severe, the purpose of going there is pointless, making the Sam Sand Dunes an expanding significant vacation spot of the city.

Under Sky Sleeping Let directly sleep under the sky

In Jaisalmer Desert Camp we organize special exclusive Under Sky Sleeping in the desert of Rajasthan. There is something beautiful about sleeping out under the stars. It gives us those moments of realisation and tells us we are just so tiny in comparison to the cosmos. The unique sensation of waking up at the chirping of birds and not the alarm clock is simply out of this world! Package includes night stay under the sky, camel safari, traditional welcome, refreshment, Folk music and dance, bone fire, dinner and breakfast.


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