Desert Camp And Camel Safari Sam Sand Dunes Sam Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Swagat Desert Camp is situated just opposite to Sam sand dunes in Jaisalmer. Has perfect experience of arranging all travel needs of tourists. Swagat Desert Camp ventures to bring home the excitement, uniqueness, charms, beauty and pleasures of the desert life. With professional skill, vast experiences as well as credibility supported by experienced staff for your comfort and healthy food, Unforgettable Camel Desert Safari, mouth watering food, live Rajasthani Music & folk Dance. The Location Of Swagat Desert Camp Is Arguably Its Greatest Asset, 40 Km From Jaisalmer At Sam, The Camp Is Surrounded By Natural Sand Dunes, Wilderness Of Unique Tranquility And Offering Visual Treat Of Spectacular And Heavenly Sunrise And Amazing Sunset As If Emerging Itself In The Vast Expanse Of Sand. It Is A Memorable Experience To Be At The Swagat Desert Camp. Surrounded By Golden Sand, As The Magic And Beauty Of The Desert Overtakes You And Offer An Astonishing Ambience.

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